Case Study

Greenacres Art Center Wedding, Cincinnati, Ohio

Oliver Signs was approached by one of our wedding planning partners to create a beautiful space with a dance floor and bar decals at the Greenacres Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Bride and the Groom, Indianapolis Colts Center Ryan Kelly, had developed this floral theme to be used throughout their ceremony and reception. This May 2021 wedding was decorated in flowers and floral patterns everywhere the eye could see! We worked with their design team to help create graphics that were cohesive with the wedding’s theme. As the most visible elements of the reception, it was vital the 20′ x 48′ dance floor and the 24′ long consecutive bar fronts made an impressive first impact on the wedding guests. We are very proud to have been able to work on this project and we’re pleased that the bride and groom enjoyed the complete visual environment we helped create.

About the Location

The Greenacres Art Center is home to the Greenacres Foundation and its passion for education, research and conservation efforts. This 47-acre area of land is a farm aimed at preserving the land. Not only is this a beautiful location ready for weddings and other events, but it’s also a destination for learning about nature and history.

Oliver Signs wedding floor

Oliver Signs wedding floor